Car Key Fob Repairs
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I would like to repair my own key fob in Westbury On Trym, is this possible?

Yes the team offer DIY repair kits for clients in Bristol that have experience with electronics or who know someone that can help.

A key fob DIY repair kit will include replacement housing, uncut blade, micro switches and a car key fob battery.

You should be aware that the team cannot offer a warranty unless they carry out the the key fob repair for you at the service centre.

Can the repair centre offer key fob repairs for B2B clients?

Yes the car key repair centre offers key fob repairs and spare parts for corporate clients in Westbury On Trym and Bristol.

Wholesale discounts also avaliable for minimal orders. Please enquire today for further information.

My car key fob in Westbury On Trym got run over by a car, can the team help?

Most damaged car key fobs from Westbury On Trym can be repaired within 5 working days or less.

From damaged housing, to water damage, the team shall try its best to assist where economically possible.

Car Key Fob Repairs Westbury On Trym

Car Key Fob Repair Westbury On Trym

For key fob repairs for Westbury On Trym by postal service, the team can help.

Why go to a main dealer and pay up to [pound]100-300 whilst waiting 2-3 weeks for a replacement key fob?

Many of us now look for independent garages to carry out car servicing so why not car key fob repairs as well?

Getting car key fob repairs with independent specialists is often more cost-effective and faster without impacting quality.

Broken car key fobs will show a number of faults including (but not restricted to):

• Lock/unlock buttons not working
• Damaged or worn out casing
• Faulty connectors
• LED lights not lighting up

The team offer key fob repairs Westbury On Trym by post for most car manufacturers including Alfa Romeo, BMW, Citroen, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes, Mini, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Rover, Saab, Suzuki, Toyota, Vauxhall and many more.

If the car brand you require a key fob repair is not listed, do not panic. It can be hard to list them all the vehicle brands and models with different key fob configurations but the team can in many cases source appropriate internal components and batteries to carry out the repair service.

Requesting your Westbury On Trym key fob repairs by mail in service is easy. All you need to do is complete the car key repairs form with the following information:

• Correct contact information
• Car make and model
• A description of the key fob fault

The team shall get in touch shortly by email or phone to explain the various options in getting your key fobs professionally repaired.

Car Key Repair Westbury On Trym

Remote Key Repair Westbury On Trym in Bristol

Here at we offer car key fob repairs for Westbury On Trym in Bristol by post that are efficient, fast and professional.

When a car key fob fails, it can a real hassle for the driver. Getting a replacement key fob from the car manufacturer could cost hundreds of pounds!

For example a Ford car key fob could cost hundreds of pounds but a repair could be up to 70% cheaper (this depends on the car model and type of key fob).

The dedicated team of technicians have many years worth of experience in the key fob repair industry and they will be happy to provide a straightforward assessment of the car key damage and if its worth repairing.

To arrange your Westbury On Trym car key fob repair by postal service, simply complete the enquiry form with your contact details and a short description of the issue you are having with your remote key. A quick response to your initial enquiry shall be made by phone or email during opening hours.

Remote Car Key Repair Westbury On Trym

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passat x 3 button fob, intermittent unlock button, it`s been taken apart by previous owner and played with already. lock and boot buttons work fine.


replacement fob. astra 51 reg


citroen x buttons missing from fob


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hi the unlock button on my fob has come off is tgis repearable


hi I have lost my remote central locking fob and need a replacement please


kia sportage x I bought a new genuine replacement kia fob off ebay but cannot open it to transfer the chip and blade. I have transferred the battery. it seems as if the new fob is glued shut.


x v50 volvo. I think I let my fob battery drain, so I cab only open the door with the blade located in the fob. I have put a new battery in both fobs, but no joy. does it need to be re-synced or will I need a new fob.


bmw x dead battery in fob


toyota celica, x housing that holds battery in place broken, the soldering has come away on one side of the housing so the battery isn`t able to power the fob.


think it is the battery on fob lock unlock not working


car will lock using fob but not unlock. the unlock button has become worn and detached.